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What you’ve discovered here is a place to learn, share, network, and be inspired within a community of like-minded people that want to change the world for the better. 


We all have busy lives, we likely have family to take care of and it can be difficult to find time for activism… even more difficult to find the motivation to change your daily habits. But now more than ever we need to ask ourselves what is truly important in life and how we want to shape the future of humanity.


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I was inspired to create this website through a realisation that the world must change very soon if humanity is to survive into an equal and ‘humane’ future. You can read more about my personal philosophy under my blog heading, but below is a snapshot.


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‘A World View’

Right now, as I write this and as you read this, there are over 2000 billionaires and over 35,000,000 millionaires in this world that have together, accumulated nearly half of the world’s wealth. With a world population of around 7 billion people, less than 1% of the population have nearly half of the world’s wealth. 


In theory, in the same room you could sit a person dying from starvation opposite one of the world’s richest 1%. This extreme inequality IS our reality in today’s world. How is this acceptable?


‘Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.’ 

(Roman Poet ‘Juvenal’)


The quote above known as ‘bread and circuses’ refers to the theory of keeping the population under control by ensuring people are comfortably fed and sufficiently distracted. I believe this is as true today (if not more so) as it was in Roman times when it was written.  But we need to wake up from our comfortable lives and look away from the many distractions to confront the glaring inequality, corruption and abuse being perpetrated by our leaders.


What is the ‘circus’ I’m referring to? 

  • Debt. We spend most of our lives with huge debt over our heads in order to own something that should be a human right… shelter to live in, a house. 

  • Consumerism. There are so many products and services available to us that promise to enhance our lives. Just look at the sheer volume of advertising around us through the television, radio, internet, post, billboards, cold calls etc. We find ourselves in a perpetual state of want for the next great product or service.

  • Religion. The lifetime commitment to living a certain way in order to attain something after we die. Our life is dedicated to ‘toeing the line’ for a reward after death.

  • Fear Through Ignorance. Mainstream media outlets churn out a continual dialogue of fear. We are shown every day all manner of atrocities happening everywhere around us. How does that make you feel? What does it make you want to do?


The ‘circus’ is that effective that even if we begin to question the structure of our society, the corruption of our leaders, the twisting or omission of truth from our mainstream media sources, the obscene power of multinational corporations… we feel like there is no point to try to change anything. 

‘It’s just the way the world is.’

I don’t accept that statement and I believe there is a better way of living for the benefit of everyone on the planet. 



‘A World Vision’

It’s seems that in many ways society is starting to go backwards. Why?


The gap between the rich and the poor is wider now than it has been for a very long time, less than 1% of the population own half the wealth of the planet.


We have some huge challenges ahead that can only be solved by working together, big problems that require a united effort. I think we can all agree that human (over)population is one of these issues, alongside climate change, artificial intelligence/automation and creating a peaceful, harmonious existence for all life….yes, world peace


Logically, the only way to achieve all of these things is to start with the latter, for we can only unite if we first achieve peace.


How are we ever going to achieve such a thing? 


It begins with education. There is now so much information available to so many people via the Internet that it’s possible to educate yourself on just about anything. Once you can see clearly, see past the ‘circus’ that is being paraded in front of our eyes by people in power every day, that is the first step, to wake up and see the true, undeniable reality of how our world currently operates. 


So how do we unite? We unite by waking up as many people as possible, and then by coming together and becoming that unavoidable, impossible to ignore force for change.


Can you imagine a world without war, a world where you are not forced to work at a job that you hate just to survive, a world where you are not discriminated against because of your sex or social status, a world that nurtures you for your entire life therefore enabling you to reach your full potential and happiness no matter who you are or where you came from? Can you imagine how plentiful our shared resources would be if we didn’t waste them on war and military? If we prioritized and invested in nurturing people properly through a revolutionized education system that produces happy and healthy people, fully equipped to lead a life fulfilling their potential in terms of their natural skills, abilities and passions, can you imagine the benefits that would have for society? Productivity and innovation in every field would increase exponentially; there would be a massive reduction in people turning to drugs, suicide, homelessness and in turn massive savings for the health sector; we would advance so much and so quickly as a human race that the future would be an amazing thing to behold.


If you are of the opinion that it’s not your responsibility to participate in change, that it’s up to our world leaders to guide us through these types of issues, I think that is a great example of how we need to wake up and re-assess our societal structures. Most world leaders pretend to be working for the people and working towards solving world issues, but it is an ever-thinning veil between that fiction and the glaring truth that they are in the business of keeping themselves and their political party in power. They don’t want things to change on the scale that needs to happen because that would mean a re-distribution of power and wealth. Of course, the wealthy and powerful don’t want that. 


There are many more of us, and by ‘us’ I mean the working classes, the middle classes and the people in poverty than there are the wealthy and powerful.  So we need to come together and be listened to, be respected so that we can take action and control our fate.


So come on people, wake up, educate yourselves, find other people that are awake and come together to make a change that will save the world for our children, grandchildren and beyond. 


Nobody will do it for you.




The time is now.