A World View (Part 1)

Right now, as I write this and as you read this, there are over 2000 billionaires and over 35,000,000 millionaires in this world that have together, accumulated nearly half of the world’s wealth.

With a world population of around 7 billion people, less than 1% of the population have nearly half of the world’s wealth. 

In theory, in the same room you could sit a person dying from starvation opposite one of the world’s richest 1%. This extreme inequality IS our reality in today’s world. 

How is this acceptable?

Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.’ 

(Roman Poet ‘Juvenal’)

Every day as technology evolves it is becoming easier to access all types of information. Nearly all of us have video cameras available at our fingertips 24/7 and a plethora of online platforms to share anything that we want to. We can share crime caught on camera, we can promote our products and ideas to anyone who will watch us, and ultimately we can find information on just about anything that we want to.  Truth is becoming harder to hide, easier to find and it’s now clear that our world leaders are failing us. 

The quote above known as ‘bread and circuses’ refers to the theory of keeping the population under control by ensuring people are comfortably fed and sufficiently distracted. I believe this is as true today (if not more so) as it was in Roman times when it was written.  But we need to wake up from our comfortable lives and look away from the many distractions to confront the glaring inequality, corruption and abuse being perpetrated by our leaders.

We are born into such an efficient form of slavery, that we don’t even realize we are slaves.

Think about your own life for a moment. How has your understanding of the world changed as you have become older? How have your morals been formed, where have your beliefs come from? 

Most people from age 5 to 18 the school system is their life. It is mandatory to go to school and the system forces students to remember and repeat information in the form of lessons and tests for around 14 years. These 14 years are the most influential years for a human being, it’s like the ‘formatting’ of the mind. 

I’m not saying that school is a bad thing, I’m pointing out that the school system as well as teaching us some valuable information, also formats us ready to be placed into the societal system of wherever it is we are living. Our parents most likely reinforce this formatting because they too went through the same system as children and with their parents reinforcing it to them. 

Example: We learn that if we don’t comply with authority, if we don’t work hard and get good grades, then we will most likely end up working low-income jobs and living low quality lives. We learn that if we work hard, comply with authority, get good grades, then we will most likely earn great money and have great lives full of opportunity.

When we leave school most of us immediately begin working. Only the wealthy get the opportunity to take a year or two off after being released from the school system, the rest must start working in order to survive. And that is what most of us do until death or retirement, we spend our lives working. If you are part of the lower income class of society then you are working to survive most likely until you die. What kind of a life is that? Why do so many of us accept this system as our lot in life?

I think we accept our lives and the world we are living in because we are comfortable, we have food, we have family and love in our lives, and we are distracted by the ‘circus’ which is keeping us from noticing the truth of how the world is being run.

What is the ‘circus’ I’m referring to? 

· Debt. We spend most of our lives with huge debt over our heads in order to own something that should be a human right… shelter to live in, a house. 

· Consumerism. There are so many products and services available to us that promise to enhance our lives. Just look at the sheer volume of advertising around us through the television, radio, internet, post, billboards, cold calls etc. We find ourselves in a perpetual state of want for the next great product or service.

· Religion. The lifetime commitment to living a certain way in order to attain something after we die. Our life is dedicated to ‘toeing the line’ for a reward after death.

· Fear through ignorance. Mainstream media outlets churn out a continual dialogue of fear. We are shown every day all manner of atrocities happening everywhere around us. How does that make you feel? What does it make you want to do?

The ‘circus’ is that effective that even if we begin to question the structure of our society, the corruption of our leaders, the twisting or omission of truth from our mainstream media sources, the obscene power of multinational corporations… we feel like there is no point to try to change anything.

It’s just the way the world is.

I don’t accept that statement and I believe there is a better way of living for the benefit of everyone on the planet.

This world has been run by big business, hand in hand with the world’s most powerful governments, for a long time. They run it for the sole benefit of themselves and to ensure that they keep themselves in control and with all of the world’s wealth.

It really is as simple as that. I believe that all other world issues are just a symptom of this one main issue. 

If you are interested in anything I’ve mentioned here and would like to join our small but potentially growing online community, please do! Let’s discuss, motivate, organize and wake up as many people as we can and try to turn our world around before it’s too late. 

If you would like to contact me directly with any questions, ideas, or anything at all then contact me here: lee@lee-david.net

Let’s make the world a better place! 


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