Guardians of the Bay, Vines, Hills and Plains. 1. Festival of the Guardians.

Updated: Jul 19, 2020


Bay Braves

Isabella 6th Jan (8)

Eddie 29th June (3)

Sammy 4th July (1)

Wild Winemakers

Orlando 22nd Aug (14)

Ariannah 27th Dec (12)

Angus 26th July (11)

Dorrien 13th Oct (9)

Plains Protectors

Jarrad 2nd Jan (11)

Locky 31st March (9)

Jordy 17th Sept (7)

Jace 15th July (5)

Winston 20th Dec (0)

Heroic Hillbillies

Shelby 3rd Sept (7)

Tom 17th April (5)


Bay Braves

Oldest chapter of the Guardians

Special skills around water, ocean, river & some animals

Closest to West side of Clown Town

Plains Protectors

Newest chapter of the Guardians, but biggest group

Locky, Jordy & Jace stationed in the Northern Plains

Special skills around computers, phones & other electronic devices

Closest to North & South sides of Clown Town

Wild Winemakers

Second oldest chapter of the Guardians

Special skills around trees, flowers, bushes, etc but specially vines

Closest to south side of Clown Town, but responsible for East side border along with the Heroic Hillbillies

Heroic Hillbillies

Unknown age of chapter, emerged from the Hills after being hidden away for many years. Smallest of the groups.

Special skills around cars, trucks anything with an engine and precious stones. (Crystals, gold, opal etc)

Closest to East side of Clown Town

Clown Town

As old as the Bay area, made of tall buildings, paved with concrete, dark, noisy, dirty and home to the Clowns. The Clowns have lost their minds and are trapped under some strange spell. They live in the dark, tall buildings, repeat the same routine every day and have forgotten how to be happy.

Story Baseline:

Guardian chapters were established as early as the first settlers into South Australia and have been passed down to next generations ever since then, expanding into new areas as the population has grown.

Guardians are the protectors of the land and all the plant and animal life that live amongst it. Their job is to stay connected to the land, listen to the animals and plants and work together to stop the Clowns from invading and ruining their territories.

It was the local indigenous people that taught the magic and language of nature to the first white settlers. They realized that as the settlers grew older, many of them were turning into Clowns and began to destroy nature. As more Clowns came to life, they grouped together and built the concrete jungle now known as Clown Town. The indigenous people were scared of the Clowns, so they came up with a plan to try and control them. They taught the ways of nature to the younger settlers, before they were old enough to turn into Clowns, hoping that these younger ones could somehow communicate with the Clowns and maybe keep them under control. And it worked! The young settlers formed groups, they called themselves the Guardians and have been protecting their home ever since.

These are their stories…

1. Festival of the Guardians

It was the Hillbillies turn this year to host the festival and Shelby was almost finished collecting the crystals that she needed to decorate the tables. Shelby loved crystals, in fact she loved all of the beautiful and powerful stones that the hills provided. She knew that they all had different powers and wanted the rest of the Guardians to enjoy them when they arrived later for the big party.

Tom was busy washing all of his cars and getting the trucks and bikes parked up and on display ready for his friends to see. He knew that Eddie from the Bay chapter also loves engines almost as much as Tom does, and was looking forward to hearing Eddie’s new stories as well as showing Eddie all of the cool things he’d been doing to his own collection of cars and trucks! It was going to be a very fun festival this year!

Bella, Eddie and Sammy were all sitting in the back of their mum’s car on the way to the party. They had been keeping a close eye on their parents over the past few days because Eddie had noticed some signs of Clown-like behaviour once or twice from them. Of course he told Bella straight away about this, so they decided they’d better keep a close watch on the parents to make sure it didn’t get any worse. Sammy was still too young to know about the Guardians, but one day Bella and Eddie would be able to tell that he was old enough, and they would tell him all about their secret groups. Sammy was already showing signs of having the power to control water, so it wouldn’t be long to wait.

Ariannah and Dorrien were also in a car on their way to the Hillbillies headquarters. The parents had helped them make up some delicious sandwiches, salad bowls and fruit platters all grown on their own land and now on the way to the festival, piled up in the back of the car. The Winemaker chapter had no problems growing any type of fruit, vegetable or anything that comes from the ground. That was their special power, they could somehow talk to the plants and get them to produce whatever they wanted, and fast! So long as the group looked after the ground, it all worked perfectly. Angus and Orlando were also on their way to the same place as all the other Guardians, except they were on their bikes. Living in the countryside was great according to these two boys, the plants provided the best food for maximum energy which meant they could cover big distances without getting worn out. It also gave them a chance to check the land as they rode along, making sure the Clowns weren’t doing anything that they shouldn’t be!

Locky, Jordy and Jace were based in the north and looked after the northern Plains. Last week there had been some trouble with the Clowns in that area, some of them had been dumping their rubbish on the side of a main road, causing damage to the drains and polluting the local river. Jordy was the first to notice what was going on, and called a meeting with the rest of the Plains Protectors. Jarrad hooked up the computer network to allow the whole team to talk to each other with a video chat. This was always the way it worked when a meeting needed to happen because the team was split between north and south. It was Locky, Jordy and Jace protecting the northern Plains, whilst Jarrad and Winston took care of the south…along with some help from the Winemakers every now and then. After all, Winston was still very young and Jarrad couldn’t do it all on his own!

During the video chat the Protector team came up with a plan to take care of the Clown problem. Locky set up a camera near where the clowns were dumping the rubbish, they recorded the stupid clown behaviour and then Jace sent the video footage via a secret email to the police, along with all the info they needed to catch them. It was a job well done, but just to be safe, the 3 from the north decided they’d better not leave so soon after the trouble, and decided to skip the festival this year. It would just be Jarrad and Winston representing the Plains team at the party. Until the group video chat of course, that would bring all the members together for a few minutes to say hi like always. It was one of the amazing skills that the Plains Protectors could offer everyone… some technical magic!

A little red dot appeared on the computer screen and a series of short beeps to alert Jarrad that a car was approaching the house. Jarrad was expecting it of course; it was Dorrien and Ariannah arriving to pick him up for the festival. He jumped in the car, gave a smile to his fellow Guardians and they got on their way to collect Winston before their final destination…the Hillbillies and the party!

It looked like it might start to rain and Tom had a concerned frown on his face. Shelby could see his worry and said to Tom ‘Don’t worry Tom, I’m sure it won’t rain during the festival. All of your hard work cleaning the cars and trucks won’t be wasted. Plus, as soon as the Bay Braves arrive they can control the rain anyways, so it’ll all be fine! ‘ Shelby was right, Tom relaxed and stated to smile again. He was really looking forward to seeing everyone, it had been too long!

Angus and Orlando were the first to arrive at the Hillbillies place, they always arrived first. ‘No traffic when you ride one of these babies!’ Angus yelled out smiling as Shelby answered the door. ‘Come in!’ Shelby invited the boys inside and offered them a drink. ‘I knew you were close.’ Shelby said. ‘The crystals started to shine a little bit brighter just before you got here.’ Tom came in to say hello and led the group outside where the tables, chairs, food and everything else was set up. ‘I’ll stay by the door.’ Shelby said. ‘Something tells me the others will be here very soon!’ Shelby smiled, looking at the crystals.

The two cars pulled up almost at the same time. Bella could see Shelby waiting by the door and jumped out of the car as soon as her Mum put on the hand brake. ‘Hi Shelby!’ Bella ran over and gave her friend a hug. ‘Hi Bella, where are your brothers?’ asked Shelby. ‘Whoops!’ Bella turned and looked back at the car, Eddie was yelling something through the closed window at her, but she couldn’t hear what it was. ‘I was so happy to see you, I forgot! said Bella. She ran back to help her brothers get out of the car, smiling at her brother’s angry face pressed to the window.

In no time at all the Guardians were together and talking excitedly in the back yard of the Hillbillies headquarters. It had been a long time since they were all together like this. Sometimes Bella, Eddie and Sammy from the Bay Braves will help out the Plains Protectors with a Clown problem in the North or the South, or maybe the Hillbillies Tom and Shelby would get together with the Wild Winemakers to solve a Clown problem in the Hills. But it’s only once or twice a year where everyone is together like this. It’s party time!

After everyone had taken the time to say hello to everyone else it was time to sit down and eat together. Finally the parents had left them all alone so it was now a good time to talk about Guardian business. They never wanted to talk about Guardian stuff in front of the adults, after all, it was the adults that were closest to the Clowns. Sometimes adults even turned into Clowns, so it was safest to talk when they were alone. After all, they are the Guardians and protecting their territory from the Clowns is their business!

Jarrad and Winston set up the Hillbillies TV screen above the table so that everyone could see it. It didn’t take long and Jarrad had the rest of the Protectors chapter on the screen, smiling down at everyone. ‘Hello everyone!’ said Jace, Locky and Jordy from the screen. Everyone said hi back, smiling at their friends on the big screen. Locky spoke first, ‘I wish us 3 could be there with you today for the festival, but we just had to stay back here and make sure those Clowns didn’t dump any more rubbish by the road like they have been doing.’ Locky looked serious. Jace spoke next ‘But it looks like they have learnt their lesson, all clear so far.’ Ariannah was the next to speak up in the meeting. ‘So Angus and Orlando, did you see any strange Clown behavior on your ride here today? You rode through the hills to get here didn’t you?’ Orlando decided to answer this one. ‘It all looked pretty clear to me, apart from the smoke I saw over the second or third hill as we rode through. Did you see that Angus?’ Angus hadn’t seen it. ‘Nup, didn’t see a thing but I wasn’t really paying attention through that section, I thought I was getting a flat tyre but luckily I wasn’t!’ Angus replied. Dorrien was next. ‘Well there’s one easy way to find out, we just ask the trees on the way home, they always seem to know what’s happening in their part of the hills.’ The group agreed that that was a great idea.

The meeting and the eating continued for a while longer, there were no big problems to report, so after a big round of ‘Happy Birthday to you!’ from everyone for Jace who turns 6 in a couple of days, the big screen displaying the 3 faces of the Northern Protectors was switched off and put away.

Now it was time for the best part of the festival, the part that everyone always looked forward to the most! It was show time!

Every year the Guardians make up a little show to display what they can do with their super-powers. It seems like everyone learns something new every year, and of course the younger members of the group start to see their powers getting stronger each year too.

It’s traditional that the chapter hosting the party goes first, so this year it was the Hillbillies and Tom was up first. Tom was smiling from ear to ear as he walked towards the old car that his dad had dumped in the back yard earlier that morning. His Dad was having trouble getting the old car started but Tom knew exactly what the problem was. Tom’s special power was with engines and anything mechanical. As he got older he could start to hear cars, trucks and anything with an engine whisper to him. Nobody else could hear it, but Tom could. That morning Tom had heard the old car complaining about one of its wires not being connected properly. Of course he couldn’t tell his dad because one of the rules of the Guardians is that you don’t tell anyone else about your secret powers, only other Guardians can know about this stuff.

‘See this old car here in our backyard?’ Tom yelled out to the rest of the Guardians. ‘My Dad has been trying to fix it all day today, but he can’t. But the old car has been whispering to me all morning about a loose wire.’ Tom wiggled under the car, spent a couple of seconds doing something nobody could see, and then wiggled back out again to face the group. Tom was still smiling, the smile was even bigger somehow. He then clapped his hands twice and the old car roared to life! It was amazing, Tom had fixed the car in a matter of seconds. He clapped his hands again and the engine shut off. Better not make too much noise, nobody wanted the adults to come out.

Shelby was up next. She got up from the table and gave Tom a high five as they passed each other. Tom sat back down at his spot. Shelby turned around to face the group. She had a crystal in her hand, her favourite crystal.

Shelby held the crystal above her head and said loudly to everyone ‘This is my favourite crystal in the whole world, I found it in the hills by a lake. Every day I go back to the same spot and I find another crystal right there in the same place. You’ll each find a crystal on the table in front of you, I want you to pick it up and hold it tightly in your left hand.’ Everyone looked down, picked up their crystal and did as they were asked, held it tightly in their left hand. Suddenly the crystal in Shelby’s hand started to glow a beautiful blue colour, it looked like the ocean was captured inside the crystal! At the same time everyone else could feel the crystal in their left hand, it was…it was talking to them. They could hear the words through their body not as a sound. It was strange, but it was cool! What was it saying? It was Shelby! Shelby was able to talk to the group through the crystal, she didn’t need to say the words out loud, she could talk through the crystal directly to the rest of the group, so long as they were holding the crystal! It was amazing! Everyone started to clap, it was a very cool demonstration from Shelby. Maybe that power could help them all out in the future?

The Wild Winemakers were up next and they had decided to do a group demonstration for their little show. The four of them all stood next to each other in a line, with enough room to stretch their arms out fully without touching the person next to them. Ariannah was first in line, she closed her eyes and started to imagine a warm, tropical place. She could start to hear the waves of a beach close-by and the salty, warm wind on her face. She then pictured a big, tall banana palm tree and imagined picking a fresh bunch of bananas from it.

The rest of the group was staring at Ariannah, she had her eyes closed and looked…happy, peaceful, like she was on a beach somewhere. Dorrien had been watching his sister closely and knew she was close to being ready…

Dorrien took off his shoes and half buried his feet in the ground. He needed a good connection with the soil to do what he was about to do! Ariannah opened her eyes and looked directly at Dorrien, Dorrien stared back and then together they bent down and reached towards the earth. With Ariannah’s strong imagination and Dorrien’s strong connection with the soil, together they can do amazing things. At the exact place that both Guardians were reaching for towards the soil, an explosion of dust popped up from the ground followed by a huge banana palm sprouting up between them! There was a fresh, ripe bunch of bananas hanging from the palm. Ariannah reached up and picked them smiling, then said ‘We can have these for dessert!’ The group gave a big round of applause, but everyone stayed where they were. It was time for Angus and Orlando to do their part.

Angus was next and he looked over towards the table where the rest of the Guardians were sitting. He hadn’t really prepared for the show properly and was now feeling the pressure after seeing Dorrien and Ariannah’s impressive trick. ‘Can someone please bring me some of the left-over scraps of food from one of the plates?’ Shelby gathered up some half eaten chicken, some slices of tomato and small piece of steak. She walked the plate over to Angus. ‘Thanks Shelby.’ Angus smiled. ‘OK, check this out…’ Angus had been digging a small hole in the ground whilst Shelby had been gathering the scraps. He placed the tomato into the hole and then sprinkled some dirt over the top of it. He then took both of his hands and placed them palm down into the hole and started pumping them up and down…like he was giving CPR compressions to the hole in the earth! After a few seconds of doing this, the group noticed some green shoots coming out of the hole and wrapping around Angus’ hands. He opened his eyes, saw the shoots, smiled and started the pull the shoots out of the ground. Fresh tomatoes were dangling from the roots! ‘But just wait a second guys, there’s one more trick.’ Angus said. He put the fresh tomatoes to one side and then looked back at the plate of scraps. Angus’ face was looking a little confused, in truth he was deciding between the scraps of chicken or the scrap of beef. He reached for the chicken scraps, and dropped them into the now much deeper hole from where the tomatoes had just come from. Once again, Angus sprinkled some dirt down the hole and over the chicken scraps. He began the same pumping motion as before with his hands. It took a little longer this time, but eventually a swirl of dust shot out of the hole and then a flurry of white feathers! Nobody could believe their eyes, but a whole chicken came clucking and squawking out of that hole and started to fly around the garden making a huge noise and stirring up clouds of dust!

Everyone was laughing and clapping at the same time, but there was so much noise that Angus’ mum came out to see what was going on. ‘Oh my god, where did that chicken come from?’ she asked. ‘It just flew over the fence from the forest next door.’ Angus lied to his mum. The adult decided she was going to try and catch the chicken so spent the next few minutes chasing it around the yard. The Guardians decided to continue with the show whilst the mum was busy with the chicken and all the other adults were still inside the house. So it was now Orlando’s turn.

Everyone knew that Orlando was the vine-master. He was the oldest of all the Guardians and had shown his skills off many times at these festivals. His vine skills were so amazing that he spent lots of his time with his father growing grape vines for the family wine making business. Nobody could figure out why the family could produce the very best vines in the country, if not the world. All they knew is that Orlando was ‘good luck’ and the vines seemed to grow so much better when he was around. Of course the Guardians knew the truth, Orlando was the vine whisperer! So whilst the chicken was keeping Angus’ mum busy and nicely distracted, Orlando closed his eyes and started to gently stomp his feet on the ground. Immediately vine shoots began to spring up around Orlando’s legs. He opened his eyes and with his arms directed the shoots to crawl along the ground and cover the fence at the back of the yard. Not only were the vines big and strong but they already had nice, fresh, juicy bunches of grapes dangling from them! They could add the grapes to the bananas from earlier and enjoy a really nice dessert, perhaps with some ice-cream!

By this time the chicken was safely under Angus’ mum’s arm and the adult was walking back towards the house, past the Guardians. ‘What are you guys up to then?’ she asked, staring down at the vines next to Orlando’s feet, looking a little confused. ‘Nothing Mum!’ Angus said. ‘We’re just doing a little show and tell, that’s all.’ said Shelby, trying to take the adult’s attention away from the magic vines. It didn’t work. The adult walked closer towards Orlando to inspect the strange vines coming out of the floor, but Dorrien couldn’t help himself. He reached down towards the vines and touched one. Dorrien looked at Angus’ mum and smiled, just as some new shoots came out of the ground and wrapped themselves around the adult’s leg. Before she knew it Angus’ mum was in the air, hanging by her ankle from a huge grape vine that had seemed to spring out of the ground from nowhere! The chicken was loose again and causing just as much noise and dust as it had earlier. The adult was yelling out ‘Let me down from here!’ whilst Dorrien was laughing at the chaos he was causing.

‘That’s enough!’ Orlando took control of the situation. He shrunk the vine that was holding Angus’ mum back to the ground level and made the rest of the vines disappear too. The adult had passed out from the shock of it all, so Tom went inside to get the other adults to help the one that was passed out in the dirt. The chicken had flown away and the vines had all disappeared so there was no evidence of what had just happened outside. When Angus’ mum woke up she decided that it all must have been a dream, maybe she’d been working too hard lately and needed a holiday!

Orlando was not impressed with how Dorrien had behaved, but everyone had to admit that it was one of the funniest things they had ever seen. It would be another great story from a festival party to add to the rest of the stories. But the show wasn’t over yet…

It was time for the Bay Braves to show off their skills. Sammy was still a little too young to have mastered his water skills yet, so it was the other two Braves that went up together to perform.

Eddie walked over to the garden tap and turned it on just a little bit. He cupped his hands under the flow of water and filled them up. Then by gently blowing on his hands he was able to shape the water into a perfect ball, almost the size of a tennis ball. Once he had it just how he wanted it, he lifted the ball into the air above his head and span it around. The ball of water just floated there, above his head spinning like a marble. Eddie made 10 spinning balls of water just like the first one, and had them all floating above his head, spinning like marbles. With a wave of his arms, Eddie made the spinning balls follow him over to where Bella was standing in front of the table of Guardians. He smiled at his sister, Bella smiled back and they were ready to begin.

Bella began to sing with her face looking up into the sky. It was a slow and beautiful song with a calming melody that made all of the Guardians feel relaxed and happy. Whilst Bella was singing, Eddie began to move his spinning balls of water into a pattern. The first pattern was 2 circles, 5 balls in each circle like a circus act waiting for a tiger or something to jump through them. Eddie looked up into the sky expecting to see something, and there it was… A flock of magpies came flying towards the group, Bella smiled as she sung and waved her arms towards the birds, directing them to fly through the rings of water that Eddie had just made. All of the birds flew in a line through the 2 hoops one after the other, and then turned around and came back to do it again but from the other side. Bella was still singing the magical song of the birds. Eddie moved his water balls into a single line of 10 balls, floating perfectly still in the air. The birds came back one more time, and each bird flew directly into one ball of water each, piercing the water ball with their beaks and getting a nice, refreshing drink and a bit of a bath on the way through! Everyone was happy, including the birds and the Guardians! Bella and Eddie got a big round of applause from the rest of the team. The Bay Braves were the masters of water and birds, and had just proven their skills beyond any doubt.

The last performance of the festival is from the 2 members of the Southern Protectors, Jarrad and Winston. The Plains Protectors are the masters of technology, and everybody was unsure about what was going to happen next, except Jarrad. He had this all planned out perfectly.

It was slowly starting to get dark outside, and the streetlights had just flickered on with the light shining over the fence into the back yard. Jarrad stood up and walked up to where everyone else had been performing during the afternoon, in front of the table. He pulled a smart-phone out of his pocket and punched in a few codes and letters. Suddenly the streetlights went off, as well as the lights in the Hillbillies headquarters. The whole place was dark, with just a little bit of dull light from the sun that was still setting on the horizon.

‘Tonight we thought we’d show you a different view of our territories!’ said Jarrad. There was a low humming sound getting closer and closer from the sky behind the house. Jarrad looked up grinning and a huge, electric helicopter slowly landed next to him in the back yard. Everyone was amazed and couldn’t stop staring at this huge thing that had just landed in front of them. ‘Jump in guys!’ said Jarrad. ‘Let’s go for a ride!’ Jarrad picked up Winston and set him down in a special little seat in the front of the helicopter. He then fitted a soft, baseball cap like device to Winston’s head and a computer screen flicked into life in the front control panel. ‘This is obviously a smart helicopter that doesn’t need a pilot to make it fly.’ Said Jarrad. ‘We have special software and we can control it from our phones, everyone in the Protectors chapter is trained to use it, apart from Winston because he’s still too young, but he’s not too young to choose for us where we should go!’ Jarrad pointed over towards the screen that was showing a bunch of letters and numbers. ‘The cap that Winston is wearing is designed to talk to the helicopter computer, so that Winston can tell it where to go. So take a seat everyone, put on your seatbelts and let’s see what Winston has in mind for us!’

The helicopter shook into life and the Guardians took off into the sky. The view was amazing, the sky was orange and red as the sun set over the ocean. The helicopter floated almost silently over the hills and the trees, the group could just make out the shape of Clown Town in the distance, but the helicopter was not headed there. Winston was hungry and had another idea about where they should all go.

Winston’s parents were quite shocked to find a huge helicopter in their backyard and even more shocked to see Jarrad with their baby boy walk out of it! This was not part of the plan that Jarrad had worked on and now he was busy trying to think of a good excuse to get them all out of the trouble they were so deeply in.

‘Ah, hi! We won a free helicopter flight today and while we were taking the trip Winston started to feel a bit sick, so we thought we’d drop him off home just to be safe.’ said Jarrad, nervously. The other Guardians were all frozen and silent inside the helicopter and hoping not to be seen… ‘So where are the other adults then?’ asked Winston’s mum. ‘Ah, they’re all in the helicopter’ Jarrad replied, ‘but we don’t have time to stop really, and I was closest to the door so they made me get out with Winston, … okay, so seeya!’ Jarrad ran back toward the helicopter, they shut the door and took off once again into the sky.

Everyone was quiet as they flew quickly back towards the Hillbillies place. ‘Never put a baby in charge of a helicopter is a lesson I guess we all learnt tonight!’ said Dorrien. He was secretly happy that he wasn’t the only one getting into trouble today. ‘What about Mum, how are we going to explain Winston not being with us when we get back?’ asked Angus ‘We brought him to the festival with us, she’s going to notice when he’s not here, specially when she’s expecting to drop him back home after the festival!’ Angus was getting a little bit worried. Everyone looked to Orlando. ‘What?!’ said Orlando. ‘Well you’re the oldest, you get us out of it!’ said Jarrad, really getting worried now. ‘I’ve got a plan.’ Everyone turned toward the voice that had just spoken, it was Ariannah.

The helicopter landed in the Hillbillies yard, everyone piled out and it immediately took off again to go back to its home somewhere on the Plains. Jarrad knew where, but didn’t really care at this point. Just as the helicopter was out of sight, the adults came rushing out the back door of the house into the yard where all the little Guardians were standing. ‘Where the hell have you all been?!’ Yelled Shelby and Tom’s mum. It was Ariannah’s turn to get them out of it this time…

‘Found you!’ yelled Ariannah pointing at the rest of the Guardians. She then turned to face the adults. ‘What’s wrong? We were just playing hide and seek out here?’ ‘Yeah!’ said all the rest of the Guardians. It was Orlando’s turn to speak ‘We all found really great places to hide, nobody could find us! Not even Ariannah!’ They had all agreed in the helicopter on the way back that the 2 oldest Guardians should play the parts for this excuse, it was the best hope they had of getting away with it.

‘Hmm’, said Shelby and Tom’s mum, ‘Well, can you all please start to pack up your stuff and get ready to leave. It’s almost time to go home okay?’ They’d gotten away with it! What a relief!

Everyone relaxed a little bit now and they started to pack together their things and say goodbye to all their friends. It had been a really great festival party, just like it always was every year.

Angus’ mum was so confused from the whole grape vine and chicken experience earlier that she didn’t think twice when Angus told her that she didn’t need to take Winston home. ‘Winston didn’t even come with us mum!’

Bella, Eddie and Sammy rode back to the Bay in the car with their mum. Angus’ mum dropped Jarrad at home, and then the rest of the Winemakers chilled out in the back of the car for their journey home. The Heroic Hillbillies felt proud of their efforts to host the festival that day, and they went to bed very happy that night.

Orlando and Angus had put their bikes in the back of the car for the trip back home, so all 4 of the Wild Winemakers were together for the car trip back. As they drove along they could hear the trees whispering to them, something about some smoke and Clowns. Orlando sat up straight and grabbed Angus. ‘Remember the smoke I saw on the way to the festival? Listen to the trees!’ All of the team listened carefully from the car window, the trees were whispering and the message was now clear… They looked around the car at each other, all knowing that tomorrow was going to be another busy day.

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