Business Owner or Employee... You Must Enjoy your Work to be Happy.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The weekend was a blip in the confusing muddle of training for a new job, chores, mechanic appointments, food shopping, trying to eat healthily, writing and getting in some daily exercise. Rather than a weekend it was more like a vague feeling of having slightly more freedom than the days preceding it, but only slightly, and only within the realm of being able to decide myself which order to undertake tasks rather than having that choice dictated to me as well. And just for laughs, it turns out I didn’t know how to spell ‘as well’, I had been spelling it ‘aswel’. I thought I’d better Google it and just got bitch slapped by Google for my trouble:

The illiterate/idiot way of spelling "as well". How is this even possible…

The retarded way to spell 'as well'. Despite what some people may think, 'aswell' is two separate words…

So that was nice.

I really don’t want to appear ungrateful for having a job because in truth I’m not ungrateful, I just want to point out the strange things we do as human beings in this organized western style society I’m living in. It was only a week ago that I had been living like a man of leisure, no job, no schedule, just doing what I wanted to when I wanted to for the most part. Literally overnight that way of being changed into the madness described at the top of this journal. Initially the change was welcome because I was a little tired of the excessive free time, but that feeling only lasted around 2 days before I was wishing for just some of that free time back again! Why must we live in these extremes? For most of us we are either time poor or money poor, what sadist designed this mad way of living?!

Jacinda Ardern (NZ PM) seems to think shifting to a 4 –day week in New Zealand is a great idea for the recovery of the economy after Covid-19. Maybe this is a step in the right direction for a healthier work/life balance. It is being argued that the 4 day work week will create workers that are more productive on the days they are working, due to being better rested mentally, being more organized in their private lives therefore less distracted, and having the time to better nurture relationships with family and friends. Win-win right? Maybe we can start to adopt this around the world, once it’s tried and tested in NZ first of course. They did manage to eradicate the Coronavirus from their country, maybe they’re onto a winner here too.

I once thought that having my own business would give me the chance to dictate my own working days and give me more freedom to have more time off as I wanted it. I did some freelance work back a few years ago and discovered that my life was dictated by the customers rather than a boss, and the customers were even more demanding! Of course that makes sense, customers are always demanding but as an employee of a company you are sheltered from that fact by a roster and set days off etc. Speaking to other business owners the same reality seems to be common, it’s certainly no easier life working for yourself compared to being an employee… at least not in the beginning. Maybe if you become super successful you can afford to employ a management team to take the work off of your shoulders a bit more, but ultimately when you have a business, you bear all the responsibility, and that is a very different type of leash around your neck!

I guess the answer to it all is quite simple really, you must endeavor to work at something you love doing. That way you have the best possible scenario, you can enjoy your work and hopefully you can earn enough to also enjoy your time away from work. Either that or you have to figure out a way to become extremely rich! It sounds simple doesn’t it, but we all know it’s not. But at least that simple concept can be something to aim for and work towards achieving.

Right now I’m trying to achieve something that should be very easy, I want to get 7 hours of sleep per night during the week, but it’s proving difficult. My commitment to writing for The Uni Friend is part of it, but I do enjoy the challenge! Hopefully I can become quicker at writing these things, or maybe some people will start to send in some pieces and can help share the workload. That would be nice, but for now I don’t mind churning these out on my own. :D

Writing just before bed sure does make for some funky dreams though! It’s like it kick-starts the imagination and when your head hits the pillow it’s straight to crazy town! Woohoo! I wonder where I’ll end up tonight?!

How would your life change if you had the chance to stop working because you’d managed to find yourself a few million? Seriously, how would you spend your days? I hope that is my dream tonight, that I’ll somehow find the key to financial freedom in my dreams and wake up with a new mission in the morning!

Happy Tuesday!

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