Keep On Having Some Fun!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

You’ve got to keep the magic alive!

My god, sometimes the routines of life can just suck the fun, excitement and desire for some good-hearted mischief right out of you. But only if you let it, only if you lie down and just give it all over without a fight. So don’t! The little bit of effort it takes to actively pursue fun, keep the magical and exciting ideas stoked in the fire for easy access when you need to get the flame going again, is well worth it. What magical plans, ideas and mischief do you have lined up for the near future? Maybe a surprise picnic on the weekend with a loved one, or it could be you are spending some quality time with a labour of love in the garage for when you need some ‘you’ time to meditate on. Maybe you and some friends are going to get together and blow off some steam in the country or on the coast, live it up with some fun, games and a few drinks in a cosy rental, maybe even with a hot tub!

If there is no magic in your future plans, well how about sitting down right now, I mean right NOW, and planning it in. Why not? You plan the meals you’re going to make, or the money you’re going to spend. You plan the fitness routine you want to follow, or the kid’s sports activity ‘taxi’ roster. It doesn’t have to cost much at all, start small and plan 2 or 3 hours of mischief into your week next week. Either alone or with someone you feel completely comfortable and relaxed around, give them a call and make a plan! Maybe you want to take a mini bottle of bubbly on a walk into nature one afternoon, find a beautiful spot and just sit there admiring it with your fancy refreshment. Or perhaps one night you could sneak off to the beach and go skinny-dipping in the moonlight! (Make sure nobody steals your clothes though! :D) Your imagination is the limit! (And the law of course!)

I’ve always looked after myself with a healthy dose (or the occasional overdose!) of magic, mischief and fun. It doesn’t take me long to notice when life is becoming a bit too mundane and flat. Right now I’m having a fidgety, restless attack brought on by the need to plan in some hearty doses of excitement. It started earlier this week when I felt the strong desire to crank up some old school hip hop on my drives to and from work. Nothing better prepares me mentally to tackle a potentially boring day at work than revving myself up, swearing, and pretending to cock a loaded weapon as I’m driving down the road. Also I’m sure it must amuse other road users to look over and see a skinny, white, bald man in a shirt and tie bobbing up and down at the traffic lights to Jay Z’s ‘Niggas in Paris’. It’s a win-win for all involved really.

I think an additional part of my current problem is that I’m being unusually disciplined right now in a few different areas of my life and I have been for half a year. I’ve changed my diet, taken up exercise, committed to writing regularly and quit drinking alcohol almost all at the same time. It’s very rewarding most of the time, but I think having a new job and the additional constraints on my private time is starting to show through, as described above! I have a nice goal to look forward to though, which is an evening out enjoying some whisky tasting at some yet to be determined location, but the location will be special in some way I’ll make sure. I just have to achieve a ‘six pack’ stomach and then I can book in the reward! But I’m starting to think I need to plan something else in additionally and quite soon! The ‘six-pack’ is probably a little too far in the future to wait for, and gangsta rap won’t keep me at bay forever…

It won’t take me long to figure out what little bit of fun or mischief I can squeeze into my routine in the near future, it never does. Usually the answer involves

travel of some description. When I was younger I’d jump in the car and head to some random town with whoever was willing to tag along with me for an impromptu overnight stay. We’d check out the pubs, find some music and fun and then come back home a little happier and ready to get back to work. More recent years the trips involved flights to somewhere warm and beachy in Europe for a long weekend or even a week. I’ve been lucky enough to see Majorca, Cote d’Azur, Cinque Terre, and the Aisle of White in recent years. (One of those places is NOT like the others…) As well as Cancun, Santa Monica, Las Vegas, and San Francisco just last year. What a life! I wonder where I’ll end up next… well with Covid it narrows the choices down a little bit! But there are many wonderful, local hidden gems everywhere around the world just waiting to be discovered, no matter which part of the world you live in.

Where will your next special little spot be?

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