Who are You Standing Next To in The Coffee Queue?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Take a look at the next stranger you see. I mean really look at them as if you are trying to unravel their soul and expose their innermost motivations and beliefs. It’s probably best to not get caught staring at someone like that, but maybe next time you’re in traffic or on public transport, or having a coffee on a busy street watching the people shuffle by going about their business, take the opportunity to scrutinize a few of them. Who are these people? Where are they going and what are they doing?

Some of these strangers surrounding us are international spies. How do I know? Well, because it’s a fact that they exist in the world, spies are people just like you and me, so how can you tell if the person in front of you at the bank or next to you at a table in a restaurant is a spy or not? You can’t. You’ve possibly met or at least stood next to secret spies, trained killers, millionaires and billionaires, news presenters, famous actors or musicians, swingers, Satanists, and everything else in between! That’s an interesting thought isn’t it? Dennis from the local corner store could shut up shop for the night and then head home for a spot of Satan worship, or off to the local swingers club for some weekend shenanigans and you would never know a thing about it.

Or maybe it’s you who has an unusual life outside of the ‘normal’ one that you show the rest of society. By day you are Sarah from accounting, but when the sun sets you are queen of some online fantasy world in gamer land with servants, riches and battling exotic enemies on a regular basis. Or are you Jason the carpenter who builds houses for a living, but on the weekend is an up-and-coming local rally car driver racing through the hills taking your life in your hands? You never know where a 5 minute conversation whilst in line with a stranger might lead you. That person could be living any number of possible lives and could be able to impart advice, stories or ideas that you’ve never even dreamed about! A bit of friendly and polite chit chat to someone could possibly reward you like you’d never expect.

So that’s it for today, short and sweet! Enjoy the weekend and make a point to chat to at least one stranger during it! Unless they are putting out serial killer vibes…

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