Who We Are: Group vs Singular Behaviour.

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

When was the last time you had one of those moments that took you right back to high school? For me that was today and yesterday whilst I was out riding my bicycle around the streets of my local area.

I have a great t-shirt that was given to me in Scandinavia a couple of years ago made by a fan of Kris Kristofferson and on the back it says ‘Happy Birthday Kris!’ in big white letters. I was wearing it yesterday, riding around enjoying the sunshine and a car drove past me with a woman yelling out ‘Happy Birthday Kris!’ at the top of her voice. It was a bit unexpected but it made me smile and I gave her the thumbs up… I’m not sure what exactly she expected from the exchange but I hope she was satisfied.

Today wearing a different t-shirt with nothing very conspicuous on the back of it, another car full of young guys drove past, beeping to get my attention to which I turned to look back. As it passed me by the front passenger had his camera on me and yelled out something unintelligible, to which I just smiled and watched them continue down the street… wondering if I’d given them whatever it was they had expected out of the exchange. They had given me something, which was a nice surprise… an idea for today’s journal. :)

So why did these situations take me right back to high school? Well I used to ride my bike to school every day and almost weekly I’d have someone drive past me yelling something out, throw something at me, groups of kids pushing me as I rode past them along the street. Back then I wasn’t smiling at what was happening, because I knew what the underlying reason was for the interactions… it was a form of bullying. As a kid we knew when we were being bullied, in school we knew the groups to which individuals belonged, we knew the areas they hung out during class breaks and it was all perfectly understood. Of course as an adult I can just smile and wave and it doesn’t bother me like it did back in school because I’m not invested in the reasons as to why someone would yell out. I don’t care beyond the brief wondering of what is going on for a moment and the vague memory of something similar happening back in high school. It’s only a matter of seconds before my head is getting back into the rhythm of the pedal strokes.

But today I decided to ponder the whole thing a little deeper. Is this behavior something that is unique to my country? No. I know the same things happen in the UK and the USA for example. Is it related to growing up in a heavily regulated environment where young people are so heavily controlled that when they start to taste some freedom, they go a little crazy? In the US alcohol is illegal until you reach 21, Australia and the UK it’s 18, smoking is heavily controlled in those countries also. Is this type of control the reason for the extended high school behavior into adulthood? In France for example minors are allowed to consume wine and beer with a meal in restaurants, in Austria you can be 16 years old and order a beer at a bar. It’s a similar attitude in Italy to these things. I haven’t spent enough time living in those countries to really know first hand if loutish behavior is less common, but I think it’s a valid point to mention. But then again maybe not… Each year at the world famous beer festival ‘Oktoberfest’ in Munich, Germany, ‘Italian Week’ where there is a big influx of patrons from Italy is known as one of the rowdiest weeks of the entire festival! But it is a beer festival after all…

Maybe a more common thread is that loutish behavior is mainly something performed by groups of males. There are always exceptions of course, but I think this could be the strongest link so far! Is loutish behavior and the extension of the high school mentality something that is linked mostly to the male chromosome? Ha ha, but joking aside for a moment, I think the combination of the human innate need to form social groups and the proven fact that groups of people behave very differently to an individual person are the most likely answers here. It’s just that the male of the species has a harder time controlling their recurring childish need for approval from their peers longer into adulthood! Women seem to grow up quicker, basically.

So that brings me to a video clip that I love and can’t get out of my head when it comes to talking about this subject. What would it be like living in a world run only by men without any influence from women whatsoever? Basically a world run without any balances or checks on the men, they can rule as they like without any restrictions… Enjoy.

Does that look like the direction the United States in heading in to you? If that drug addled, psychopathic little orange fucktard has another 4 years maybe it’s the American future!

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