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Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Are you a traveller? Are these strange and troubling times making you wonder if you’ll ever be able to enjoy the old days again anytime soon? Well I know exactly how you feel.

Until recently, modern life for a lot of people involved regular international travel. Whether it was for business or leisure we were taking to skies and thinking nothing of being in New York one day, London the next and Sydney by the end of the week. So let’s look back for a minute, reminisce on better times and inspire some thoughts of hope for when we can safely return to travel once again.

Where would be your first choice destination to visit if you could leave tomorrow? I was asked this recently as part of a group and I replied ‘anywhere with a nice sunny beach, warm weather and cheap drinks!’ I had Santorini or Mykonos in mind but I didn’t want to be picky! Others answered varying from Tasmania, Australia to New Zealand and London to the Caribbean. We all had one thing in common though which was that we all found it easy to answer!

Sitting here now as I write this, it really isn’t difficult to dream up quite a few beautiful destinations. I can picture myself sitting at one of those tiny round tables on the footpath of a Parisian street, watching the crowds pass me by as I sip on a terrible French coffee. Or perhaps watching the sun set over the Gulf of Naples from a cliff top in Sorrento, the taste of an ice-cold limoncello…

Maybe you’d prefer a more private and less crowded experience for your next destination. How about a weekend getaway to Iceland, stay a night in the Blue Lagoon and be pampered by the wellness activities of the famous hot springs. Maybe rent a luxury room with your own private entrance to the water, a magical open fire at the foot of your bed and a luxurious breakfast served to the room as the sun comes up over the misty lake. Just wonderful!

I’m starting to form a more rustic, adventurous and ‘clackety’ idea for my next trip. I’m thinking about taking a rail trip from far eastern Russia, through China, along the Siberian wilderness and all the way to Moscow. That’s right, the Trans Siberian Railway experience! I’ve started to do a bit of research about what to expect and was surprised to find that it’s actually quite easy to plan and that there is lots of great advice out there in cyber world from many others that have gone before me. I even found a luxury experience on a private train, but that really does come at quite a big cost, I’m talking tens of thousands and not Rubles!

It appears one can just arrive in Vladivostok or Moscow, or any other station in between as a matter of fact, and just buy a ticket for the train right there at the platform… for a journey consisting of thousands of kilometres! And it’s really quite cheap. You can get a basic ticket for less than $200, sometimes far less depending on the type of service you travel on (ie stopping all stations, express etc), but I think the best idea for me is to book out 2 berths for myself. This means I pay for 2 places together and would actually get a private compartment to myself that would normally take 2 people. Sure it costs more, but it’s still very affordable. I can picture myself enjoying the view from the window, napping and reading, exploring the small towns along the way and buying some local wares. And the whole journey would end in Moscow or St Petersburg of which I haven’t visited since around 2008, and I would love to see what’s changed since then! Are the police still soliciting bribes, are there still counterfeit goods being flogged out of the boots of cars at hotels? :D

I think a more legitimate concern currently would more likely be from China if I were to explore some of that country along the way. Today the Australian government has cautioned against travelling in China due to the risk of being detained and used by police for political gain. What strange times we are living in! Who knows what life has in store for us around the corner hey?

Anyway, it’s nice to dream and make fun plans for the future. Tonight I will drift away to sleep and hopefully dream of bobbing around the Island of Capri, or maybe cycling along the promenade in Cannes… Goodnight friends!

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