Can Truth be a Key to Freedom?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Today I want to set a challenge to anyone who is willing to accept it:

Make a sustained effort to speak only the truth from sunrise to sunset tomorrow, and each time during the day that you are unable to adhere to it, make a note of the situation and why you felt you couldn’t be truthful in that moment.

Accepting this challenge is not to say that you have to be rude, nasty or even harsh to other people in order to tell the truth. You can still be kind, friendly and empathetic whilst maintaining truthfulness throughout the day. It will probably just require a little more forethought and tact than you are typically accustomed to using in order to avoid offence or hurt feelings. It could be very insightful to give it a try!

By taking on the spirit of this journal I will say that I am running short on time today and am desperate to get a good sleep tonight after a couple of nights in a row of poor sleeping. So I’m substituting what could be a longer and possibly more interesting journal today, for a shorter version where I throw the ball into your court and ask you to do an experiment… and hopefully get away with a short journal and get a longer sleep! :D

So let me know how you go with your journey of truth, I’d love to hear what positions you felt you were put into where you couldn’t be truthful and why. I’m going to put it out there and say that I think fear will be the main driver for not being truthful; fear of the consequences of being honest. Will someone view you differently if they know how you truly feel? Will you lose your job or lose favour with someone if they know the truth about your views or about your actions? Or maybe being truthful will bring about the need to face something that you have been trying to avoid?

Even if you can’t be 100% truthful on your first attempt, writing down the situations that were challenging and then working through them will start to bring about some self awareness of which situations make you feel like you need to hide something, or maybe even behave in a dishonest or deceptive way. It may lead you to realizing that perhaps your boss puts pressure on you to behave in a less than honest fashion, or maybe you are fearful of losing someone in your life so you try to placate them as much as possible to make sure they stay around, or maybe it’s one of many other reasons!

I struggle to see how learning more about yourself and your reasons for certain behavior can ever be a negative thing. It may be painful to face some hard truths initially, but surely that would be worth it for the long-term benefit of being able to live a more stress free, happy life full of integrity, surrounded by people that love and support you for being your true self.

Give it a go and start with tomorrow.

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