Looking for Your Soul Mate or Something Else?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

“Where are you? Where, are, you? Where are you, the person that is going to stand up, unite us and lead us out of this desperation?” That was a recent plead by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson via his Twitter account to his millions of followers over the devastation happening in the USA due to the Coronavirus.

I completely understand The Rock’s thought process with this plea because throughout history great leaders have risen when most needed out of the darkest times. (It’s probably worth mentioning that some of the worst leaders have also risen out of dark times, but let’s focus on putting our energy and thoughts to the positive options!)

Whilst the people of an entire country seem to be in great need of a special someone, many individuals are feeling the same deficit in their personal lives. This isn’t something new and unique to the Coronavirus pandemic but rather a human condition that touches most of us at some stage during our lives. Perhaps this subject is close to your heart right now. If so, then I feel for you.

Like most of us as we go through puberty and begin to take a closer interest in other human beings, the questions start to be pondered about the possibility of choosing a life partner. As we grow up we see all around us people young and old cosied up to their special someone, or maybe not so cosied up as they yell at each other whilst shopping the supermarket aisles… I think we learn at a young age about the complications of relationships, just from observing the closest examples of those around us. But we also see the concepts or ideas of how relationships can be either through reading stories or watching movies. After a while through our imagination we filter these ideas and begin to create an ideal for ourselves.

By the time we reach our late teens we of course know everything, we are ready to step out into the world and take it by the balls! But relationships always take us by surprise. It doesn’t take long for that initial, imagined ideal to be smashed to pieces by the hammer of reality. It may take just a few months or maybe it takes a few years, but most of us are much wiser down the line after a failed relationship or two. We learn a lot! Maybe we learn that we don’t even need to be in a relationship at all.

Just like The Rock praying for a new savior for America, I’d bet that most of us have at some point deeply yearned for our own personal savior, our soul mate. “Where are you?” But is this feeling that seems to be so widespread among us real? Is it a genuine need just like hunger for food, thirst for water, breeding for survival of the species, or is it maybe just a result of societal brainwashing? Are we just so disconnected from some long-lost, deeper sense of connection to our species that we are just looking to plug the hole of loneliness that this lost connection has left behind?

I can feel the fire burning arrows taking aim at me right now from all the outraged romantics, ‘Of course soul mates exist!’ But before you shoot me let me tell you that I am one of you, I love the whole romantic ideal! I cry at rom-coms, I love a good romantic story and I have been known to fall in love at the drop of a hat in my time. But I’m going to argue for the negative, I think your soul mate and mine don’t exist… I think we all have many soul mates.

Confused? Well let me explain, and please let me be clear, that this is just my opinion and I would love to hear arguments for or against it, pretty please send them my way!

I’ll start with the fairly widely accepted notion that another person cannot make you happy and that it’s not a partner’s job in a relationship to make the other person happy. With that point agreed, the concept of soul mates comes closer to being defined as 2 people that are not looking for someone else to make them happy. But what else? I suppose deeper description would be along the lines of shared passions, mutual attraction, life journeys that compliment each other, and some kind of magical, mystical ‘spark’ that cannot be further explained or defined. How’d I do, pretty happy with that description? If so, surely then there must be a whole host of potential soul mates out there, amongst the 7 billion of us. Imagine if we could meet and communicate with more of these 7 billion fellow beings, be brave enough to have honest and meaningful connections constantly and open the door to another level of human interaction…

Maybe a soul mate connection is a glimpse of what could be possible for human interactions on a mass scale, if we were to all interact on a higher level? What do you think? Should The Rock keep praying for a savior whilst we all keep quietly praying for our soul mates? Or is it time to change our own individual reality today by forging deeper connections with everyone we meet and start to transform our collective world reality into something that no longer requires a savior?

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