What is the Best Way to Live?

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

‘It’s recommended that people drink 8 glasses of water per day for their health!’ I remember hearing that statement on the radio or TV when I was a kid. It just happened to be bedtime as that little gem of information floated into my ears so I thought I’d better get a start on this health thing immediately, and proceeded to drink 8 glasses of water standing at the kitchen sink before taking myself off to bed. I hadn’t thought the whole thing through properly and the following morning I found myself waking up to a wet bed. That’s what I got for trying to be healthy!

Oh what a tortured life we lead trying to figure out what the best way to live our lives is! Sometimes it seems healthier to just stop worrying about these seemingly endless complications and ever changing facts about healthy living, and just do whatever feels good! Stop the stress of it all! I’ll mention good ole Ricky Gervais again here as a great example of a strong lifestyle attitude: ‘When they cut me open and start digging around in this body after I die, I think all they are going to find is pasta and red wine… along with some poor, abused and decrepit old organs!’

It’s a popular attitude this whole ‘live life to the full while you still can’ type of ideal, meaning that you shouldn’t deny yourself anything in life, enjoy all the pleasures because one day you’ll be dead and you never know when that will be! But I guess what is not so widely publicized about this kind of lifestyle is the final years of pain and suffering due to health ailments that likely accompany it. No ying without yang, give without take, rise without fall…

So how should we navigate this crazy dilemma? What are our choices?

‘Well, you should definitely have kids when you’re young, that way the hard work and career building is done early and you can live life for yourself when you’re older and enjoy the money’. ‘No, no, you should enjoy yourself whilst you’re young and travel, see the world, party and meet interesting people. Then you will be older and wiser and better equipped to bring up kids and settle into a better quality of life for your later years’. Hmmm

‘But the world is screwed anyways no matter what we do. The best we can hope to achieve is to slow the demise of our planet, plus it will never happen in my lifetime or my kid’s lifetime, and who knows what technology will be invented to prolong it all even further… so we might as well live like it’s all gonna end eventually.’ But then: ‘There is so much we can do though to change our destiny, if we just work together on a global scale and change the way we live, our world could last for possibly many, many generations into the future and maybe even a final solution could be found. We could save the world!’

Geez, the world’s human inhabitants have a tough world to navigate through. And we are continually told how lucky we are to be here too! It’s a 1 in 400 trillion chance that you, me or any other human were actually born according to scientists, and so many of us are drinking, eating and farting this life away day in, day out. But why shouldn’t we? It wasn’t our choice to be here!

It’s a conundrum and I truly see both sides. We simply just don’t know enough about our universe and its fine inner workings to produce an indisputable ideal of how human lives should best be lived. But we are trying our best.

Over 30% of us are Christians and think we are going to heaven after this confusing ordeal on the earthly plane is done, over 24% are Muslim so also have a shiny view of the afterlife, about 22% are either Hindu or Buddhist leaving around 16% of us as non religious. (The other 8% are other religions.) So most of us are so disturbed by life that we need a better scenario to believe in for when it’s all over. Jesus ‘H’ Christ…

Maybe we do all just live in a simulation like the Matrix. Maybe one day we’ll see what’s behind all the 1’s and 0’s and it’ll all make perfect sense. But until then, raise a glass of your favourite poison and let’s cheers to this wonderful shit-show we call life! Happy weekend folks, enjoy it the best way you know how, and I’ll see you on the other side one day! :D

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